Professional Services for the Gig Economy!

ProStars is an online marketplace for businesses to find and contract with highly skilled subject-matter-expert (SME) freelance consultants to solve business problems.

  • ProStars saves business 30-50% over traditional consulting firms
  • Pros can earn 35-50% more freelancing with ProStars
  • ProStars is building a home for experienced consultants and experts

Happy, talented Pros = Happy, successful clients

  • Get rewarded for referring others
    Active Pros get a 3% revenue share of the fees billed by every Pro or Biz they refer.
  • Automated your administrative tasks
    Spend more time doing what you do best. ProStars automates the workflow from introduction to invoicing.
  • Keep 100% of your bill rate
    What you bill is what you get paid – PERIOD. ProStars is fee free for Pros to use. No hidden costs or fees.
  • Be part of something bigger
    Build more than a career or a company. Let’s build a community and change how business is done.