Earn a revenue share for referring friends and colleagues

Registered Pros can earn a revenue share by referring other highly qualified Pros and Biz to ProStars.

Here’s how it works

  • First, make sure you are officially a Pro in the prostars.community, and your profile is complete. Only registered Pros with complete profiles are eligible to refer Pros and Biz to ProStars.

  • Next, select “Refer” on your dashboard to send an invitation to your trusted friends and colleagues.

  • If the people you invite accept your invitation, apply, and become a Pro or Biz you are one step closer to earning your cash.

  • If you refer a Pro, when the Pro completes a contract on the ProStars platform, you will receive 3% of the Pro’s billed rate. You will receive this amount for every contract. Every. Time.

  • If you refer a Biz user, you will receive 3% of the billed rate for any contracts the Biz user approves. You may refer more than one Biz user for a given Biz.  You will receive 3% of the entire contract revenue  for each contract your Biz user approves. Every. Time.

An example:  You invite someone who becomes a Pro on ProStars. That Pro is now part of your ProStars referral network.  That Pro then goes on to do a project and invoice $5,000. When that $5,000 is paid to your colleague, ProStars will reward you with $150 (3% of $5,000) automatically deposited into your account.

And this will happen every time that referred Pro is paid for a Gig. The same applies for an Biz User* you refer who purchases service through ProStars.

*An individual business user who approves the the project contract terms within the ProStars platform.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is start referring your qualified colleagues. Keep in mind each Pro and Biz can only accept one referral, so act fast before someone else refers your network of friends and colleagues.    

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Revenue Share Estimate Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate how much the revenue sharing program can be worth to you simply by referring qualified Pros and Biz.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This calculator is for planning and estimating purposes only. Actual income will depend on a variety of factors not shown. All income estimates are pre-tax. Referral income is subject to all applicable tax laws. Consult your tax professional regarding your specific circumstances.


Why are we doing this?

Our community members are our most valuable assets, and we want to show you how much we appreciate you and value your contributions. Plus, what better way to build the community than with people and businesses you know and trust? So instead of padding our advertising budget, we’re giving the cash to you! When we said, “More Money,” we meant it.

How do the Pro Referral Payments Work?

Your reward is processed each time an invoice is paid by the Biz for the duration of the contract. The timing varies based on the payment terms of the contract between the Pro and Biz. Once processed, the payments are sent directly to your Stripe account for you to withdraw at your convenience.

How Long will I be rewarded?

For every Pro you referred to join your network, you will receive 3% of their revenue for as long as you are a member of ProStars.

What if I referred the Pro and Biz on the same project?

Lucky you! You will receive 3% of the Pro bill rate, plus another 3% for bringing the Biz on board if you referred the person accepting the contract on behalf of the Biz. Rewards are applied to individual user accounts.

How can I check my referrals and their status?

As a Pro, you can check the status of your referrals in one of two ways –Log into your ProStars Account, click “Refer” from your dashboard, and review your network of referred Pros and Biz. You can also go to click on “Applicant Status” and enter the email address of the individual you referred.

How does it work if I am a Biz or if I am referring a Biz?

Currently, only Pros can refer Pros and Biz to the platform. If you are a Biz and want to take advantage of this limited time opportunity, you may create our own Pro account. Each user account must have a unique email address.