Our most frequently asked questions

How do I contact ProStars if I have a problem or question?
For questions, concerns or to provide feedback, please email us at info@prostars.com.

I submitted an application. When will I know if it was approved?
You will receive your application decision via email within three business days after submission.

Does ProStars approve every application that is submitted?
No, not every application is approved. A team of Pros reviews each application and determines if the application will be approved. ProStars is for independent contractors within specific professional services categories. In general, we are looking for those who are considered experts in their respective fields. Applicants who don’t appear to be qualified or are without professional services experience may not be approved. We also vet Biz applicants to make sure every Biz on the platform provides value to the Pro community. Our goal is to create a community that every Pro and Biz can be proud of.

I know ProStars is for specific categories. What categories and job roles do you accept?
ProStars is for skilled professional services independent contractors in management consulting, IT consulting, accounting, engineering, architecture, and legal professions. There are dozens of professional roles within each of these categories. For example financial accountants, tax accountants, auditors, and actuaries all fall within the Accounting category. We welcome them all. Learn more here.

How much does ProStars cost?
ProStars is free for Pros. Period. Forever. Plus, Pros keep 100% of the amount they bill.

ProStars charges each Biz a platform fee when services are successfully delivered and invoiced by the Pro. Refer to our Terms of Service for the specific fee rate. Typically a Biz still saves 30% – 40% compared to the costs of traditional staffing agencies, consulting firms or full-time staff.

Having the contract process automated sounds good, but will I be able to collaborate/negotiate with the Biz or be in control of the versions?
Yes. Once a Biz is ready to move forward, the Biz initiates the contract process. The ProStars platform allows Pros and Biz to send contracts back and forth while keeping track of each version. When both parties agree to a final version, the platform prompts the Biz to enter the project terms and payment amount for the Pro to validate.

I like to have flexibility in how I contract, bill or invoice my services. Can I change my billing, deliverables and project types based on the project?
Yes, yes and yes. ProStars supports the most common types of professional services contracts. Using the Time & Materials and Milestone functionality you can create events, deliverables, conditions or thresholds for your services and fees. You can also assign due dates to each activity. For example, if you require upfront payment, you can work with the Biz make the first milestone and payment “due immediately.”

I heard that I could earn a 3% reward for referring friends and colleagues to ProStars. How does this work?
You heard correctly! For a limited time, exclusively for our Beta users, ProStars will reward you with 3% of the total Pro fee for all Pros and Biz you refer to the platform before February 1, 2019. You’ll receive this amount for every Pro and every Biz and every contract they complete for as long as you are on the platform. To learn more and start earning, click here.

Can I sign up as a Pro and a Biz?
Yes, you can have a Pro and Biz account. However, you will need to create two separate logins with unique email addresses for each account.

Does ProStars require me to verify my identity?
Yes. As a part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to create Stripe and Plaid payment accounts. Your identity is verified during the account set-up process.