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Traditional Firms’ rates are 30-50%  higher due to their legacy cost structure including a large retired partners pension and a global portfolio of Class A offices.  ProStars’ online marketplace provides experienced Big Consulting and Fortune 500 SMEs with a much more efficient delivery model.

The way we work is changing has changed.   

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Fill out a short application form. The application requires basic company information and quick answers to questions about your company needs.

Get Approved

All applications are reviewed and vetted by a group of industry professionals within a few days. During this time, a ProStars representative may contact you with questions about your profile.

Create Your Profile

Once accepted, you can complete your detailed profile and set up your preferred payment method through Stripe and/or Plaid. When this is complete, you’re officially a ProStars Biz!

Find Pros

Once your profile is complete, you’ll be able to start searching for the perfect Pro to fit your needs. Create a Post or Match Request and watch our matching algorithm go to work.

Get Work Done

Pick the Pro or Pros that best fit your needs, agree to terms and get to work.

Pay for Value

Pay the Pro according to the previously agreed upon terms – milestones, time-based, etc.  You control the value you receive.

The Application Process

Everyone who is interested in using the ProStars platform must fill out a brief application. We will review the application, verify the information provided and within three days you will receive your application decision. If you are accepted, you will be asked to complete your profile and set up your payment method using Stripe and/or Plaid. When your profile is complete, and your payment method is set up, you are officially a ProStars Biz!

Note: While ProStars enables Pros and Biz to facilitate contract review and acceptance, ProStars does not access, mediate or negotiate contracts between Pros and Biz. It’s for this reason after you have an executed contract with a Pro, Project Terms are required to be documented on the ProStars Platform and agreed to by both parties. Biz will initiate the process, and Pros will validate the Terms for accuracy.