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Keep 100% of your bill rate

Get 3% of your network’s revenue*

Choose when, where, & for who you work

No fees, more money, more freedom.

30-50% more income

Clients are brought to you

Automated project admin

Earn more, work less, be happy.

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Set sail with ProStars


No fees, more money, more freedom.

Pro-Centricity:  our strategy to build a culture & environment where the best professionals want to join, collaborate, learn and prosper.  Every process, policy and decision is made based on what’s best for Pros.

The way we work is changing has changed.  

Join the new world of professional services!

Becoming a Pro with ProStars is easy!


Fill out a short application with basic information about you and your skills.

Get Approved

All applications are reviewed and vetted with 1-3 days. You may be contacted by a ProStars representative may contact you to verify information on your profile.

Create Profile

Once accepted, you will be required to complete your official profile and set up your payment gateway through Stripe and Plaid. When this is complete, you’re officially a ProStars Pro!

Get to Work

Start responding to job Posts and and replying to match requests and get to work!

Get Paid

Get paid for the value you deliver.

Build Your Network

Invite other highly qualified professionals to join your ProStars network and share in the revenue they create.

The Application Process

Everyone who is interested in using the ProStars platform must fill out a brief application. A panel of your peers will review the application, and within 1-3 days you should receive your application decision. If you are accepted, you will be asked to complete your profile and set up your payment gateway. When your profile is complete, and your payment gateway is set up, you are officially a ProStars Pro!

Get more time in your day

  • No more manual editing of contracts and invoices. We do it for you!
  • Payments? No problem. Your secure payment account is set up during the onboarding pocess. All of your payments will go directly to your secure payment account.
  • Upload your portfolio once, and quickly share it with any Biz on the platform. We recommend you do this day one and will remind you in your welcome email.
  • Manage everything from your personalized dashboard. From the dashboard, you can see your entire project calendar including milestones, deliverables, and due dates. You can upload deliverables for review and acceptance. Manage your time and expense entries, plus schedule and prepare for interviews all in one place.

Enjoy more ways to make money

  • ProStars Pros are eligible to earn a 3% revenue share of the fees of every contract completed by anyone in their referral network – a Pro or Biz. Learn more about the program here. We recommend getting started building your network as soon as you are approved on the platform.
  • Right away, ProStar’s proprietary algorithm will begin collecting information to match you with Biz looking for your talent and expertise. You will be notified when you are a match with an opportunity.
  • You don’t have to wait to be matched. You can search for and bid on relevant posts as well. On an ongoing basis, a curated set of posts are delivered to your personal ProStars dashboard.
  • If your bid is accepted, the Biz will send an offer to your dashboard where you can review, accept, negotiate or decline.