ProStars Platform provide end-to-end freelance workflow

ProStars automates and integrates key processes that enable Pros & Biz to easily connect, contract and complete project-based work saving everyone time and money. Dashboards and notifications help Pros and Biz efficiently manage their project workflow from both point-of-view.

Prostars’ 14-points of validation helps build quality, trust and assurance in our network of Biz and Pros.  Along with the vetting of the initial application, we have a call with each Pro to discuss their skills and experience – and with each Biz to discuss their business’ objectives and needed resources.  This allows us to leverage the vetting process to also help new Pros and Biz ask questions about ProStars business model and our vision.

ProStars’ culture and its value to both Pros and Biz is our collective Network.  We’ve built the ability for Pros to invite their friends & colleagues to join their personal Network where they will receive 3% of the revenue billed by that network. This can create a more stable monthly income as your Network grows. The next big feature being created now for your Network is to collaborate in self-forming, self-governing groups to share knowledge, innovate and go-to-market together with specific consulting solutions.  For now, we’re calling this K-Space (K for knowledge) and will be launched later this year.

ProStars’ matching algorithm allows Biz to quickly find the Pro who best fits their needs by scoring skills, experience, industry knowledge, role, bill rate, location and availability – saving both Biz and Pros time connecting. The ProStars Bid and Contact process saves both the Biz and Pro time by quickly narrowing down candidates and automating the negotiation of project terms (e.g., bill rate, expenses, payment terms, duration).  Once agreed to, the project terms enable much of the down-stream automation of invoicing, payments, and the dashboards.

By capturing the project terms early in the process, the ProStars Invoice and Pay process is heavily automated with forms for Time & Expense that pre-populate invoices. The Pro can adjust planned hours and see their projected income immediately. In the consulting industry, these processes are historically disconnected and often involve at least 2 to 3 hand-offs between admin to get an invoice processed.

Pros can submit the auto-generated invoices, Biz review and approve and pay all within the same app. Both Pros and Biz have dashboards that provides status, notification and history of all the events of a project.  Pros can view projected project revenue, in-process payments, invoice approval status as well as upcoming interview schedules and pending proposals. A Biz can view the project’s budget, project costs incurred and planned costs.

Reputational information is critical in today’s market whether you buying a TV on Amazon, evaluating a potential new job offer or hiring a consultant on ProStars.   ProStars’ two-way rating system allowing Biz to rate Pros and Pros to rate Biz helps ensure everyone performs as expected.  A Pro expects to be paid on-time for their work and the Biz expects to receive a quality work product from the Pro.  Knowing their performance will be rated helps both parties perform positively leading to network of happy, talented Pros and happy, satisfied Biz.